Shear bolts connectors

These mechanical connectors with shear bolt head technology are designed for use in low and medium voltage applications. Shear bolts are designed with predetermined shear points when the proper torque is reached and will ensure a good connection. They can accommodate all cable sizes from #3 AWG to 1250 kcmil with copper or aluminum conductors. These connectors help lower overall job cost and provide safe and easy installation.

After the head bolt shears off, the bolt should not protrude above connector body and leave any sharp edges. Filing is not required and bolts should not be removed. Only a HEX head six point deep impact socket and an 18 volt battery operated impact tool is required.
These connectors are made of high tensile strength aluminum alloy or copper.

The bore entry of the connector has been chamfered for ease of conductor insertion. The inside of the connector bore has cross grooves for superior conductor contact and incorporates a stop barrier. Aluminum connectors have been highly tinned and may include neutral inhibitor inside the bore upon request.

  • Some of benefits and savings associated with the use of shear bolt technology type work vs other connection systems.
  • Reduces the working time of each installation as well as the necessary personnel and equipment by not requiring hydraulic compression tools or large and heavy batteries.
  • No need for specialized costly hydraulic or battery-operated crimping tools. An 18-volt battery operated impact tool does the job. No costly and numerous crimping dies required for each connector/conductor combination. Only a 6-point deep well impact socket is required.
  • Zero mistakes related to the use of incorrect and/or improper use of dies leading to connector or accessory failures.
  • Less stock in inventory. All shear bolt connectors are multi range and accept many different conductor sizes either aluminum or copper.
  • Most connectors are Bi-metallic for use on copper and aluminum conductors in both Underground and Overhead applications. Copper connectors also available for copper conductor use only.
  • All styles of shear bolt connectors are according IEC 61238 specifications standards.
  • Compatible with all non-tension Overhead applications, also for Underground PILC, heat shrink, cold shrink, pre-molded or taped joints and terminations.
  • Our connectors are highly tinned to prevent the effects of corrosion.
  • All our connectors, shear bolts and inhibitor are RoHs compliant.

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