The compression tools are manual, hydraulic and electric pressure presses that incorporate regulation to be able to compress connectors with cables of different sections, or with accessories such as dies, adapters, etc. interchangeable in order to be able to compress each conductor sections. The compression force is given by the tool, so that when it reaches the end of the path it gives the necessary pressure. In some tools, such as the hydraulic or electric ones, when they reach the end of the path, they open automatically, so that the connector can not be removed before the conductor is compressed in the connector at the established pressure without the need for additional control.

In the case of electrical distribution, it may be necessary or advisable to use different compositions of the same, depending on whether it is used in underground or aerial distribution, in the first one it is often necessary to work in ditches, others can work at ground level with the that the tooling varies by the need or comfort and effectiveness of the installation.
Tools for setscrew connectors

Manual keys, socket wrenches, allen, etc. are used depending on the screws or nuts that they carry. The tightening must be carried out with a torque control wrench, dynameter torque wrench to ensure the required tightening torque in each case.
In the Shear Bolts Connectors, the connection of the conductor in the connector is made with a socket wrench of the size indicated in the instructions for use. For greater safety of the connection as well as the operator, the use of an battery impact tool is recommended.

For use with a manual socket, a bracket must be used to hold the connector so that it remains aligned with the conductor, otherwise it could break the screw due to lateral torsion, making it unusable, there is also the risk that the screw, due to lack of force, will block with what could damage the operator’s wrist.
With the battery impact tool the break is clean, without forcing the screw to any side other than the vertical feed and it does not require any effort from the operator.

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